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Since April 2004, Cosmetica Travel is the leading brand and pioneer in medical tourism and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Cosmetica Travel facilitates the organization of your medical stay or cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Simply request your quote and we will get back to you with the best price (up to 60% cheaper than in Europe).

Our philosophy is to work closely with patients to provide all the needed information to leave the patient feeling empowered and informed to make the right choices for his or her health.

Our purpose is to provide the best medical and cosmetic surgery services to our clients by selecting the most suitable team of tourism and medical professionals.

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Hundreds of patients’ testimonials with whom you can get in touch with.

Having faith in the quality of our medical and cosmetic services since 2004,we are the only company that offers people interested in our services the chance to get in touch with our former patients through our Guestbook. We encourage our patients to write honest feedback so that potential patients can read them. Feel free to check our patients’ testimonials and get in touch with them.

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With our great experience in the field of medical tourism since our launch in 2004 and sure of the superior quality of our services in medical and aesthetic tourism, we are the only agency which encourages the connection of its former patients with those wishing to do call for our services and benefits.

Do not hesitate to consult the testimonies of our patients in order to discover personal opinions concerning the quality of our services and surgical services.

10 reasons why Cosmetica Travel
is your best ally for your cosmetic surgery stay

Cosmetica Travel is undoubtedly the leader in medical tourism and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. Since its inception in 2004, several media programs and French and European news channels (M6, France 2, TF1, SKY News, etc.) have demonstrated our expertise and know-how in the field of organizing medical stays and of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. In addition, the trade register number assigned to Cosmetica Travel confirms our authenticity and our age.

Cosmetica Travel provides you with all-inclusive rates for medical stays and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia which are 50% to 70% cheaper than surgery alone in Europe for equal quality of service. Thanks to a solid collaboration with its partner clinics, surgeons and hotels, Cosmetica Travel isable to acquire for you very advantageous, even unbeatable, price offers.

Since 2004 we have organized cosmetic surgery stays for several thousand patients!

Cosmetica Travel agency collaborates with the elite of doctors and cosmetic surgeons in Tunisia who are:

Highly qualified and fully registered.
Graduates initially in Tunisia.
Having perfected their professional skills in France, Europe or the U.S.A.
Who have been practicing for at least 10 years in Tunisia, Europe and the Gulf countries.

Our partner cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified and have years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. They are also authorized to perform such surgeries and are registered with the order of physicians and the order of their respective specialties. Learn more about our cosmetic surgeons

Our agency Cosmetica Travel works with a selection of the best private cosmetic surgery clinics in Tunisia. These multidisciplinary clinics are among the most modern and best-equipped clinics in all of Africa and which meet international standards. These clinics are approved and audited by the Tunisian ministry of public health. The surgeons and medical staff working in these clinics will provide you with excellent care. Learn more about our aesthetic clinics

Throughout the post-operative stay and during your recovery period, Cosmetica Travel provides you with a royal stay in the most comfortable 5-star luxury hotels. The hotels are located close to the cosmetic surgery clinic and the airport. Find out more about our partner hotels

During your entire medical or cosmetic surgery stay in Tunisia, Cosmetica Travel provides you with personalized assistance set up by our professional team from your arrival at the airport until your return home. Our support team will provide you with the best services to make your stay comfortable and pleasant.

The Cosmetica Travel agency offers you a special service dedicated to post-operative monitoring. The professional team is committed to making you benefit from post-operative consultations with your surgeon in Tunisia and to stay in contact with you after your return to your country while remaining available to answer all your questions.

– Highly qualified doctors and surgeons, all registered with the Council of the Tunisian Order of Doctors.
-The best hotels and clinics in Tunisia.
-Free touch-ups, if necessary to correct a surgical insufficiency.
-Total respect for the details and prices listed on the quote that has been prepared for you.
-All inclusive rate, no hidden fees.

-Support for all medical costs in Tunisia in case of complications related to surgery.
-Total respect for the ethics and confidentiality of your medical and personal data.
-An assistance and transfer service fully covered by our professional travel agency insurance N ° 027100076/0 assigned by the COMAR Mediterranean Insurance and Reinsurance Company
-No payment is required before your arrival.
-Superior quality service.

1.Request for cost estimate: send us the quote form with your photos.
2.Study of your case: We send you back the diagnosis and the CV of the surgeon with the cost estimate.
3.Your decision: once you have decided to undergo surgery, send us the reservation form.
4.Your reservation: we send you the confirmation of your reservation and your program of stay.
5.Reception and assistance upon your arrival at Tunis Carthage Airport.
6.Preoperative consultation.
7.Surgical intervention.
8.Post-operative consultations & convalescence.
9.Return to your country and a dedicated post-operative follow-up service.

The body of your dreams at the best price

All inclusive Tunisia cosmetic surgery price

Costs for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia with Cosmetica Travel are up to 70% cheaper than in Europe. This reduced pricing is also granted to the other types of surgeries that we offer. With Cosmetica Travel, the costs of a surgery combined with a relaxing post-operative stay in a luxurious 5-star hotel allow you to save up to 50% of the costs of the only surgery in Europe and this for a medical service of equal quality. .

In addition, we offer several considerable additional discounts depending on the number of surgical and medical procedures to be performed, the period of the year during which you want to be operated, etc.

Operations PricesStay
Cosmetic surgery and treatments
Body surgery
Abdominoplasty tummy tuck cost£ 25205
Mini tummy tuck cost£ 21404
Liposuction 2 areas cost£ 17804
Liposuction 3 areas cost£ 20004
Liposuction 4 areas or more cost£ 20905
Arms lift cost£ 19504
Thighs lift cost£ 20904
Hip lifts cost£ 25205
Bra line back lift cost£ 25205
Body lift cost£ 39007
Fat injection calves -liposuction not included- cost£ 15400
Breast surgery (women)
Breast augmentation -round implants- cost£ 23204
Breast reduction cost£ 21404
Breast uplift without implants cost£ 21404
Breast uplift with implant -round implants- cost£ 26505
Breast implants extraction cost£ 18904
Fat injection breasts -liposuction not included- cost£ 15400
Mastectomy - Breast removal- cost£ 27005
Face surgery
Full lower face lift cost£ 24405
Temporal lift cost£ 19003
2 eyelids surgery cost£ 15503
4 eyelids surgery cost£ 17204
Full rhinoplasty cost£ 21506
Ethnic rhinoplasty cost£ 22506
Chin reduction -genioplasty- cost£ 20004
Chin augmentation cost£ 19503
Lips reduction cost£ 16503
Lipofilling face cost£ 16003
Bichat ball removal cost£ 17003
Otoplasty -ear correction surgery- cost£ 17003
Buttocks surgery
Buttock uplift cost£ 25205
Buttocks fat injection -liposuction not included- cost£ 15400
Buttock implants -deposit should be paid- cost£ 30005
Cosmetic treatments
Weight loss surgery
Gastric band cost£ 33005
Gastric sleeve surgery cost£ 39007
Bypass cost£ 46008
Intra-gastric ballon surgery cost£ 28004
Intimate surgery
Vaginoplasty -vaginal tightening- cost£ 13202
Labiaplasty -labia reduction- cost£ 14403
Permanent hymenoplasty cost£ 9901
Temporary hymenoplasty cost£ 6000
Penoplasty -by fat injection- cost£ 14503
Hair transplant
Eyebrow transplantation FUE cost£ 15402
Hair transplants FUE -price from cost£ 19002
In Vitro Fertilization (IVH)

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Our interventions

What is hair transplant?
Hair transplantation is an aesthetic hair implantation procedure. New grafting techniques allow you to find natural hair and deal with the problem of hair loss.
What is the price of a hair transplant?
What is in vitro fertilization?
IVF is a medical gesture of artificial fertilization and embryo transfer. It is a medically assisted procreation technique that solves several sterility problems.
What is the cost of in vitro fertilization?
Cosmetica Travel also offers other medical disciplines such as orthopedics, ophthalmology, dental surgery ...

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International media talk about us

M6 highlighted Cosmetica Travel in its report "I decided to be beautiful" dealing with stays of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.
In its report entitled "Medical tourism in Tunisia is attracting more and more" TF1 presented the quality of organization of cosmetic surgery stays in Tunisia by Cosmetica Travel.
Special Envoy recognizes the place of Cosmetica Travel as a pioneer and leader in medical tourism and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia in addition to the quality of its services.
Cosmetica Travel's hyper competitive prices for cosmetic surgery are pushing a large and growing number of British patients to have surgery in Tunisia.
LK Today presents the stay of a patient who underwent successful breast augmentation and liposuction in Tunisia thanks to Cosmetica Travel.
Canale5 broadcast a program dedicated to cosmetic surgery in Tunisia and more particularly on Cosmetica Travel through the testimony of patients of different nationalities.

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