Bichectomy : cheek fat reduction plastic surgery


Bichectomy: what is it?

Everyone has a Bichat ball in each of their cheeks. They are rounded fat tissues that shape the form of both cheeks. They are situated exactly between the lower and the upper molars. They are most obvious in kids. The older one gets, the smaller and more discreet the Bichat balls become. The Buccal fat doesn’t completely disappear. However, the Bichat balls sometimes don’t decrease in size for some people which makes them consider buccal fat extraction.

The Bichectomy eliminates excess fat from these areas and a part of the pads, depending on the patient’s wishes and the surgeon’s advice. The buccal fat removals are therefore at the heart of the cheek treatments. Indeed, this fat mass, located in its centre is often responsible for the too chubby cheek.

The result is immediate during the Bichectomy procedure which allows the surgeon to dose the fat pad reduction. The change is immediately noticeable after the surgery. The face will look finer, better sculpted, and more mature.

Good candidates for cheek fat reduction surgery

Buccal Fat removal surgery is performed on men and women alike. Excellent candidates for the procedure are non-smoking and healthy individuals, who are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle including a dieting regimen, regular skincare, and exercising. Bichectomy is generally destined for people who wish to have a thinner and more sculpted face and more pronounced cheekbones. Therefore, cheek plastic surgery acts aesthetically on the face to decrease the roundness of the cheeks.

Bichectomy cost in Tunisia:

The cost of facial Bichectomy in Tunisia is 70% lesser than in the United Kingdom.

OperationsOur priceUK priceMaking you save
Bichat ball removal £ 1700£ 447462 %

The average pricing in the United Kingdom is £ 4474; solely including anaesthesia, operating room facilities, and surgeon’s fees.

The cost of facial Bichectomy in Tunisia is £ 1700; all-inclusive with a recovery stay at a five-star hotel, a chance to explore our exotic Tunisia, and a dedicated assistance team by your side.

It is all the same important to note that the low pricing is due to the cheaper cost of living, the currency exchange rate, tax laws, and lower insurance cost payment on the part of Tunisian doctors[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

Buccal fat removal surgery in Tunisia

OperationsAnaestheticProcedure TimeHospital StayStay In TunisiaBack To WorkAll Inclusive Price
Bichat ball removal Local0:45 hour(s)1 night(s)3 night(s)3-5 day(s)1700 €

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How is Bichectomy performed?

The bichectomy generally lasts for one hour or less and it is done under general anaesthesia. However, the procedure can take longer if it is associated with another facial aesthetic surgery like a face lipofilling, a Nose plastic surgery, a Blepharoplasty , or lip reduction surgery.

In case the buccal fat reduction done on its own, the procedure will be as follow:

  • Incisions: The surgeon will make an incision of less than 20 mm on the internal side of each cheek, on the inside of the mouth.
  • Removal of Bichat balls: Thanks to the incisions, the surgeon will be able to remove a specific amount of the fat tissues. The quantity of the extracted fat depends on the amount of fat found in the area. The average weight of a Bichat ball is 9g.The surgeon bases himself on the expectations of his patient. It is important to explain to the patient that total extraction is not possible. A small amount of fat needs to be left in place. Assure the patient that the ball will no longer be visible from the outside.
  • Sutures: To close the incisions, one or two stitches are enough and one uses, generally absorbable wire which will fall at the end of a few days


Post-operative effects & recovery after bichectomy

After bichectomy procedure, the patient has to take into consideration the advice that will be provided to him by the doctor including:

  • The patient should wear a compression bandage to reduce edema and optimize the result. This bandage prevents the establishment of drains.
  • The patient should take a 5-day break from work. During this period, they should avoid any physical effort and get total rest. If the work exposes the to possible facial blows, the sick leave must be prolonged.
  • The patient should adopt an excellent oral hygiene to avoid infection
  • The patient should avoid hot beverages and spicy food.
  • The patient has to make sure to sleep with their head raised and always on their back so as not to lean on the cheeks recently operated.
  • The patient should avoid sports activities for at least 15 days. The recovery will then be done gradually. It is important to avoid contact sports or those at risk of being hit.
  • It is necessary to avoid being exposed to the sun or UV rays for at least a month to promote healing. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and applying sunscreen on your face is recommended if you want to go outside in sunny weather.
  • It is recommended that the patient doesn’t touch the edema and bruising that appears after two or three days following the procedure. They leave on their own without specific treatment.
  • The patient is allowed to take painkillers although these medicines will not be necessary since the Bichectomy is not really painful. The patient will only experience a feeling of tightness and discomfort.


Scars related to cheek fat removal surgery:

An incision, about 10-20 mm, is made inside the mouth, in the inner part of the cheek. Then, it is stitched by resorbable threads. As a result, sutures are completely invisible and hidden inside the mouth. The scar leaves no trace, once the threads have fallen.

During the first weeks after bichectomy, the patient should pay attention to what they eat and to their oral hygiene to avoid infections. The sutures area would slightly be swollen and painful for a few days but these sensations will fade away with time.

Results of cheek reduction surgery:

After a buccal fat reduction surgery, you have to wait about one or two months to be able to appreciate the bichectomy result. This is how long it takes for the oedema and the bruising to completely fade away. In the meantime, the threads will fall off on their own, but since the scar is inside, it doesn’t have too much influence on the result.

From the 10th month, the result will stabilize and after one year, it will be final. The patient will then be able to see his cheekbones and enjoy a thinner face.

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