Mammoplasty: breast reduction surgery


Breast reduction surgery: what is it?

Breast reduction surgery is indicated for women suffering from sagging breasts, due to excessive breast size. This currently common intervention does not present any risk for the mammary gland.

In the majority of cases, the hypertrophy is associated with breast ptosis, that is to say, sagging of the breasts because of their excessive size. Some asymmetry can also be noted, but this is not systematic.

The intervention can then remedy these three types of problems by:

  • Reducing breast size
  • Lifting the breasts, with the nipple and areola, at the right height
  • Correcting the asymmetry that there may be between the two breasts


Breast reduction surgery is recommended when the patient experiences difficulties with her large breasts. Having breasts that are too big can actually cause back, shoulder and neck pain, some embarrassment in the practice of certain activities such as sports, problems clothing-wise and a deep psychological complex, especially for some teenage girls.

At the end of the surgery, the patient finds herself with more harmonious breasts, more compatible with her morphology, located at the right height and better symmetrized.

Breast reduction cost in Tunisia

Today, Tunisia is consolidating its growing reputation as a reliable, affordable destination for plastic surgery stay. Its medical infrastructures and staff competencies are highly reputed. This image contributes in attracting patients from around the world and mainly from the UK.

OperationsOur priceUK priceMaking you save
Breast reduction £ 2140£ 537062 %

Breasts reduction surgery is at a very low cost in Tunisia.  If we know that the average cost of breast reduction in UK might be around £ 2140 (including only anaesthesia, operating room facilities and surgeon’s fees), and if we were to compare this cost in UK and Tunisia, we would notice that Tunisia offers up to 40 to 60 % reduction compared to cosmetic surgery costs in the UK for the surgery alone, without mentioning that the breast reduction cost in Tunisia includes a recovery stay in a seaside 5-star hotel.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Breast reduction in Tunisia

OperationsAnaestheticProcedure TimeHospital StayStay In TunisiaBack To WorkAll Inclusive Price
Breast reduction General2 hour(s)1 night(s)4 night(s)5-7 day(s)2140 €

How is a breast reduction performed?

It is a two-hour surgery that consists of making incisions in the breasts and removing excess fat, tissue, and skin. This surgery will be done under general anaesthesia. There are three different incisions techniques. Surgical techniques are discussed with the patient to determine the most suitable for their need. The decision is also made based on the patient’s health conditions and breast composition. These techniques are:

  • An incision around the areola. Stitches follow the circumference of the areola;
  • An incision around the areola and extends vertically down to the breast crease (a racquet-shaped incision or also known as lollipop incision);
  • An anchor-shaped incision pattern, also called an inverted T incision


The surgeon will, then, remove the excess tissue, fat and skin and reposition the nipple and the areola. In case of very large breasts, the surgeon will need to remove the nipple and areola and reattach them as a skin graft at a higher place on the breasts. This is also referred to as free nipple graft.

Skin incisions are finally closed with stitches. Stitches can also be inside the breast tissue to add support.

Breast reduction surgery scars

As in any other surgery, scars are inevitable when there are incisions. Different incision techniques leave different scars. The number of scars varies according to the surgical technique adopted by the surgeon. We distinguish, mainly:

  • The anchor-shaped scar: composed of two distinct scars, namely the one around the areola and the one that descends in a vertical line towards the fold under the breast
  • The inverted T-shaped scar: composed of three distinct scars, namely the one around the areola, the one that descends vertically towards the fold under the breast and the one located horizontally at this fold

In the first weeks after the breast reduction surgery, the scar remains very red, then pink, and then they will fade away over time without disappearing completely.

The post-operative stage of a breast reduction

If you know how to take care of your incision area and your body, and when to resume your normal activities, you have more chances for the best possible results. Right after the breast surgery, you are likely to feel some pain, so your surgeon will give some analgesics and antibiotics to help reduce the risks of infection, he will wrap your breasts in gauze dressings or bandages.

For the first day or two, he may place a small tube to drain excess blood and fluids. During the first week or two, your breasts will probably feel tender and sensitive and might be swollen and bruised. Try to carefully follow your surgeon post-operative instructions. They will include wearing chest bandages and a surgical bra, for some days after the surgery. This elastic compression bra will help maintain and protect your breasts while healing.

The results of a reduction mammoplasty

During the first three months after the breast reduction surgery, the results are still not very visible because of the bruises, oedema, and red scars. During this first period, it is essential to wear a compression bra so that the breasts restore its curved shape well and allow the skin to retract well.

The breast reduction results will begin to appear later on. However, it will be necessary to wait until the scars reach maturity in order to fully appreciate the final results. The process of maturation of scars lasts about one to two years depending on the skin quality of the patient. This is also the time for them to fade and become less visible.

Recommendations before and after breast reduction

Advice before a breast reduction surgery

As preventive measures, your surgeon will advise you to follow some practices, before and after the breast reduction surgery. These practices include avoiding smoking, consuming drugs, alcoholic beverages, and other medicinal products. On another hand, you are invited to take one multivitamin daily, prior to the surgery, plan some rest to ensure full recovery, eat well, and develop healthy habits.

You are also required to fast (don’t eat nor smoke nor drink anything including water, tea, or coffee) after midnight the night before your surgery (8 hours before your surgery).

Advice after the breast reduction surgery

It’s advisable to:

  • Do not touch the bandages and dressings put in place by the surgeon
  • Do not wear heavy clothes for a few days
  • Do not lie on your stomach to avoid pain
  • The professional activity can be resumed from the 8th or the 10th day.
  • The sports activities can be resumed from the 2nd month.


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Photos before after breast reduction surgery

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