Facial lipofilling : face fat grafting plastic surgery


Face lipofilling: what is it?

Face lipofilling is a facial plastic surgery that remodels facial features by filling or augmenting certain areas of the face through fat grafting. The procedure can be used to reduce wrinkles, restore skin elasticity, augment lips or cheeks, fill hollow eye sockets, and eliminate scars. Given that fat grafting essentially relies on the patient’s fatty tissues in lipofilling, there are no risks of rejection or complication to the procedure. The fat used in the fat transfer can be extracted from any part of the body by liposuction (thighs, buttocks, the abdomen…), and afterward injected in the targeted area. As a face surgery, facial fat transfer offers permanently satisfying results of a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Good candidates for facial lipofilling surgery

Facial lipofilling is performed on men and women alike. Excellent candidates for the procedure are non-smoking and healthy individuals, who are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle including a dieting regimen, regular skincare, and exercising. The procedure is generally destined for people who wish to enhance facial volume (the cheeks for example), improve skin trophicity, and decrease wrinkles. The procedure could also be considered in case the patient has facial holes, disproportionate facial features, or scars caused by an injury. Therefore, facial lipofilling acts aesthetically on the face to rejuvenate its appearance and correct facial imperfections.

Facial fat transfer surgery cost in Tunisia

The cost of facial lipofilling in Tunisia is 70% lesser than in the United Kingdom.

OperationsOur priceUK priceMaking you save
Lipofilling face £ 1600£ 394762 %

  • The average pricing in the United Kingdom is £ 3947; solely including anaesthesia, operating room facilities, and surgeon’s fees.
  • The cost of facial lipofilling in Tunisia is £ 1600; all-inclusive with a recovery stay at a five-star hotel, a chance to explore our exotic Tunisia, and a dedicated assistance team by your side.

It is all the same important to note that the low pricing is due to the cheaper cost of living, the currency exchange rate, tax laws, and lower insurance cost payment on the part of Tunisian doctors.

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Face lipofilling surgery in Tunisia

OperationsAnaestheticProcedure TimeHospital StayStay In TunisiaBack To WorkAll Inclusive Price
Lipofilling face General0:45 hour(s)1 night(s)3 night(s)1-5 day(s)1600 €

How is face grafting surgery performed?

Before face surgery:

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will examine the patient’s general health status by conducting a complete medical check-up and a blood test. Additional examinations to detect possible contraindications to the surgery can be conducted too. The surgeon will take pre-operative photographs for the purposes of documentation and procedure planning. Finally, it is important that the surgeon discuss the patient’s insecurities, motivations, expectations, and desired outcome of the surgery.

During face surgery:

Facial lipofilling is performed on an outpatient basis under general anaesthesia. The procedure is expected to last for half an hour to two hours depending on the extent of surgery and the number of the treated area(s). The procedure starts with the sterilization of the treated area, and it involves two phases:

  • Liposuction: the surgeon starts by suctioning fat from donor areas of the body using a small cannula (these are fat-rich areas like the abdomen, the thighs, the back…). The extracted fat is purified and centrifuged.
  • Lipofilling: it is commonly known as fat grafting or fat transfer. The surgeon proceeds by injecting purified fat with controlled doses onto the patient’s face using thin cannulas. The location and the nature of facial imperfections determine the amount of fat to inject.


Post-operative effects & recovery after face lipofilling

Although facial fat transfer surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, the patient may experience slight discomfort or pain. Both will be alleviated thanks to analgesics prescribed by the doctor. Bruising and swelling are quite expected after the procedure, but both will fade away rapidly, especially with the application of ice cubes on the concerned areas. It is important that the patient takes five to seven days off work to rest in order to properly heal. The patient is recommended to take good care of their face by hydrating it, drinking enough water, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding sun exposure.

Post-surgical scarring of fat grafting is barely noticeable; it will nevertheless completely disappear in a month or less.

Results of face fat transfer surgery:

The results of fat transfer are immediately visible as the patient has a rejuvenated and youth-looking face. Stable results will be noticeable when bruising and swelling completely fade away and the face adjusts to the fat grafting. The latter occurs after a year or less. In order to maintain face lipofilling results, the patient has to take good care of their skin. However, it is important to note that facial lipofilling results are not exactly long-lasting. Some touch-up may be needed after ten years of the initial surgery.

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