Breast plastic surgery


Breast implants:

Breast augmentation presents the ideal solution for women who suffer from breast atrophy or have naturally small or underdeveloped breasts. The procedure is a breast enlargement surgery that aims at remodelling the breasts by enhancing their size and altering their shape. Breast implants surgery is believed to offer extravagant results but may present more complications; a patient should demand rigorous post-operative care. The location and length of the procedure’s incision depend on the size and shape of the implant. The implant is thereafter inserted and the incision sutured. During the initial consultation prior to surgery, the size (small, medium, big) and shape (elliptical or round) of the implant will be chosen by both the surgeon and the patient. Implant decision will be based on the patient’s body morphology as well as their desired outcome and preferences.

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Breast reduction:

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, presents the ideal solution for women who suffer from back pains and have to deal with unwanted attention due to their naturally large breasts. Candidates for breast reduction can be ex-patients of breast lipofilling who are dissatisfied with the outcome of the surgery and wish to reduce their breast size. The breast plastic surgery consists of making a small incision, generally around the areola, then placing a thin cannula to suction fat from the breasts. By the end of the surgery, the incision is sutured with absorbable stitches. The amount of fat to extract generally depends on the degree of breast reduction wished by the patient. Suctioning will be performed carefully and with calculated doses.

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Breast lift:

Breast lift surgery presents the ideal solution for women suffering from breast ptosis or skin laxity in the breast region. It is a cosmetic surgery that lifts the breasts by eliminating excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues. The procedure results in natural-looking breasts with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Breast droopiness is generally caused by aging, menopause, massive weight loss, bariatric surgery, or pregnancy. The droopiness can also be caused by overdeveloped breasts. Regardless of the cause, breast lift surgery promises a lifted and youthful look to the breasts. The procedure has high rates of success. Mastopexy surgery may be conjoined to other procedures such as breast augmentation or breast reduction. If the patient suffers from breast droopiness due to her large breasts, the surgeon may recommend performing a breast lift and a breast reduction. Alternatively, if the patient experiences skin laxity in the breast region and possesses relatively small breasts, the surgeon may advise undergoing breast augmentation and breast lifting.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts for about two hours. It typically starts with an incision, which generally extends from the bottom of the areola to the crease. There are various incision techniques; the choice of one is determined by the surgeon. Upon incision, cutaneous excess in the breast region will be pulled, lifted, and then tightened. If there is any remaining skin, it will be trimmed. The areola will be repositioned (to its initial position before lifting). Finally, the procedure is concluded by suturing the incisions with resorbable stitches. Breast lift surgery guarantees minimal post-surgical scarring as the incision will be performed in places where they are less visible.

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Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is a great option for women who want a moderate increase in the volume of their breasts or who wish to correct asymmetry while removing breast ptosis, it is possible to achieve this result by combining a breast lift with an injection of fat in the breasts. In this case, fat is taken from one or more areas of your body, to be then injected back into your chest.
Breast lipofilling must be combined with liposuction on one or more areas to remove fat.
The postoperative effects are simple and are characterized by edema, bruising, moderate pain and transient alteration in nipple / breast sensitivity.
Before the breast fat grafting, you will have the opportunity to explain your reasons for considering this procedure, specify the expected results, and be advised of the options available to you. The surgeon will examine your chest and explain the surgical procedure to you in detail.
The result is appreciable from the 6th month. The final result can only be judged starting from the 9th month.

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