Our solutions for less wrinkles

While it is quite possible to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles, it is much more difficult to treat wrinkles that are already there unless you use aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery to reduce the most stubborn wrinkles.

How to fight wrinkles?

The first way to fight wrinkles is to take care of your skin and to make sure that aging is less significant.

There are different types of skin aging (natural aging, hormonal aging & solar aging). If we can’t do much against hormonal aging (menopause), we can slow down natural aging by improving certain lifestyle habits.

You have to take care of your skin to prevent wrinkles: daily cleaning is necessary, moisturizing the skin twice a day, etc.

You can also turn to an anti-wrinkle treatment. Finally, there are different treatments to reduce wrinkles such as:

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery to erase wrinkles

You already have wrinkles? You want to give your skin a beautiful youth? Aesthetic medicine is an excellent alternative to plastic surgery for people who do not wish to go under the knife.

Aesthetic medicine involves injecting fillers under the skin to fill wrinkles or to paralyze the subcutaneous muscles in order to tighten the skin.

Botox®, also known as botulinum toxin, is one of the well-known techniques in the treatment of wrinkles. Fast and effective, this intervention is particularly effective on the frontal wrinkles, the crow’s feet or the wrinkles of the lion.

Hyaluronic acid injection (Macrolane injections) is also widely practiced. This technique helps to fill the grooves caused by wrinkles and offer you a smooth skin. The result can last up to 2 years against 6 months maximum for Botox®.

The facial lifting to restore the radiance of your skin

If time has drawn on your face disgraceful and deep furrows, do not panic! You still have the opportunity to make a new skin through plastic surgery, facial lifting and frontal lifting in this case. These are two surgical techniques that allow retightening the skin of the face and neck as well as the skin of the forehead.

As this is a surgical procedure, it is particularly important to mature your decision before embarking on the adventure, the result being final. It is precisely in this perspective that plastic surgeons systematically offer preliminary consultations followed by a time of reflection to candidates for plastic surgery such as facial lifting.

Lipofilling: another alternative against wrinkles

To rejuvenate your face and reduce wrinkles, lipofilling is another practical, simple and effective alternative. This technique is relatively less known than Botox® or face lift.

The principle of lipofilling is simple: the surgeon will restore volume to certain areas of the face such as cheekbones, for example, which retains the skin and make it look smoother.

Lipofilling can be defined as the restoration of facial volumes by fat taken from another part of the body. This procedure is usually done under general anaesthesia and can treat a specific area of the face which allows a tailor-made treatment.