Hips lift : plastic surgery for hip reduction


What is a hips lift surgery?

The expression “muffin tops” refers to the body fat that is visible around the waistline because of tight pants. Many people complain from having hips excess skin because of the existence of excess or sagging skin accumulating around the hips area. Nowadays, patients opt for procedures like liposuction or tummy tuck for body contouring purposes. However, such procedures leave behind residual hip tissue. A hip lift is a surgical procedure that is meant to eliminate such imperfections in an attempt to provide a smoother and more refined waist-to-thigh transition, through the excision of skin.

Hip surgery works on correcting the flaws of the body contour. It has become trendier and more acceptable in the past two decades thanks to the advances occurring in surgical and anesthesia procedures. In this sense, the surgical excision has been designed in a way that the resulting scar would be situated within that area of the bikini line.

Who are suitable candidates for hips plastic surgery?

Hip surgery is ideally destined for people who are in overall good health. Most of the time, patients considering hip lifts are the ones who could not improve the appearance of their hips, despite following a healthy lifestyle. They may have poor skin elasticity, excess tissue in the area of hips, lower back, and front upper thighs, or even irritability due to hips excess skin.

How much does a hip lift surgery cost in Tunisia?

The cost of hip-lift surgery in Tunisia is 70% lesser than in the United Kingdom.

OperationsOur priceUK priceMaking you save
Hip lifts cost£ 2520£ 691465 %

  • The average pricing in the United Kingdom is £ 6914; solely including anesthesia, operating room facilities, and surgeon’s fees.
  • The cost of hip-lift surgery in Tunisia is £ 2520; all-inclusive with a recovery stay at a five-star hotel, a chance to explore our exotic Tunisia, and a dedicated assistance team by your side.


It is all the same important to note that the low pricing is due to the cheaper cost of living, the currency exchange rate, tax laws, and lower insurance cost payment on the part of Tunisian doctors.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Hips lift surgery in Tunisia

OperationsAnaestheticProcedure TimeHospital StayStay In TunisiaBack To WorkAll Inclusive Price
Hip lifts General2-3 hour(s)2 night(s)5 night(s)7-14 day(s)2520 €

How is hips reduction surgery performed?

Before hips lift:

During the preliminary consultation, the surgeon will examine and measure the patient’s body, and take photographs for the patient’s medical records. The surgeon may also discuss the patient’s options and understanding of all surgery aspects, and recommend a course of treatment. It is important the s/he also discusses likely outcomes of hips lift surgery and any risks or potential complications with their patient.

During hips lift surgery

Hip-lifting surgery is performed on an outpatient procedure basis and under general anesthesia. The length of the procedure varies, but it lasts for about two hours.

The surgeon starts by making incisions along the lower portion of the outer hips where they can easily be hidden with clothing or underwear. In some cases, the incision may extend to the lower back. Liposuction can be used together with the hip lift procedure to remove excess fat and enhance the contouring results. Once excess hips skin and tissue are removed, the remaining skin is sutured in a way that highlights the new contour. Patients are later advised to wear a mild compression garment that applies moderate pressure to the waist area.

Scars and complications related to hip-lift surgery:

The complications associated with hips lift surgery include:

  • The spreading of the scar as wide as 3 cm after a year.
  • An occasional delay in healing or mild wound separation, all of which will heal spontaneously, and none of which necessitates subsequent corrective surgery.
  • The limited mobility of the soft tissue.
  • The likelihood of poor scar formation, contour irregularities, and asymmetric deformities.


Post-operative effects and recovery after hip-lift plastic surgery:

After hips lift surgery, patients can experience some swelling, redness, and bruising. Patients will have to wear a compression garment, which facilitates healing and minimizes swelling.
Most patients can resume work after one week depending on what physical activities the job demands.
Physical activities are to be limited for the first two weeks. Patients can resume normal workout routines after three to four weeks. By then, a major reduction in swelling is visible and final results become more prominent.

Hip-lift surgery results:

Hip-lift surgery ensures the permanent elimination of excess skin and fat from the hips. The new contours will generally be long-lasting. Patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle that involves dieting and exercising to preserve the best hips lift results. A stable weight is to be maintained as well in order to prevent stretching the newly smoothed skin.

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