Dentistry: best solutions for a beautiful smile

Aiming primarily to improve the appearance of teeth for a charming smile, dental aesthetics, also called cosmetic dentistry, is a specialization in dentistry that ensures the repair and also the beautification of teeth.

Dentistry aims above all to correct any damage that may occur to the teeth such as discolorations, teeth wear or also in the case of a diastema.

Many techniques and methods make up cosmetic dentistry whose main goal is to restore a beautiful, healthy and bright dentition to those who have concerns about their teeth.

Frequent solutions used in cosmetic dentistry

The appearance of the teeth can be altered by many factors such as yellowing of the teeth, dental caries, missing teeth or the presence of a large gap between the teeth.

Most often, these problems related to teeth can be treated by different solutions that are part of the most used methods in cosmetic dentistry. Here are the most common dental aesthetic procedures, namely:

Dental bleaching (teeth whitening)

Teeth whitening is the most common technique used in cosmetic dentistry. Indeed, many factors can alter the colour of the teeth, which makes them lose their natural white colour.

Dental bleaching is quite easy to achieve and is within the reach of all those who want to have a sparkling smile and this, using a bleach gel based on hydrogen peroxide on the teeth. However, for impeccable results, the intervention of a dentist is necessary especially as regards the quality of the gel and also the use of specific devices such as laser to accentuate the gel effect.

Dental prostheses

Dental prostheses are frequently used when there is significant wear of the teeth or in the case of missing teeth. As a result, there are several types of prostheses that can effectively replace any tooth, namely:

  • The dental crown: Most often made of ceramic or metal, the dental crown is often used to cover a damaged tooth and it is placed directly on its root. The installation of a dental crown most often makes it possible to restore damaged teeth that can no longer be rectified by simpler methods.
  • The dental facet: The use of dental facets is also very common especially in cosmetic dentistry. The dental facets are generally presented as a kind of veneer that allows both to restore the aesthetic, but also to strengthen the protection of teeth. Choosing this type of intervention is very effective and greatly helps to restore and improve the overall appearance of dentition, especially in the case of a diastema.
  • The dental bridge: The installation of the dental bridge is also an integral method of dental esthetics, especially in the case of one or more missing teeth that no longer have viable roots, that is to say that neither the crown nor the Dental facet can restore the initial appearance of the teeth. With the bridge, it is possible to fill a missing dentition and this, using the neighboring teeth as support.