The Best Plastic Surgeons In Tunisia

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Cosmetic and plastic Surgeons in Tunisia

As the largest cosmetic surgery agency in the African region, and Tunisia, we can offer our patients the most experienced and famous cosmetic surgeons in Tunisia, all at the lowest prices and with flexibility in scheduling your surgery. We also care about your confidentiality and your comfort. Rest assured that our professionals will take good care of you and will look after your wellbeing.

Every plastic surgeon in Tunisia can perform any plastic surgery procedure. However, for the best long-term aesthetic outcomes, some are better than others at face procedures, and only some excel at rhinoplasty (The nose job). Some surgeons love performing certain cosmetic surgeries such as breast procedures and some don’t. Some of our surgeons focus on Tummy Tucks and minimal scarring while others excel at Liposuction.

With a great number of cosmetic surgery patients from all over the globe every year, Cosmetica Travel knows which surgeons are best suited to perform a certain surgery on every individual patient to achieve his or her optimal long term results. This is based on each patient’s goals, unique physiology, and desired surgical results. Every patient is unique.

Our surgeons are counted among the most respected surgeons in the country. Over the years, they have created a practice that is sought after by patients across the world, with specialties in many areas and contributing to over 3,000 procedures each year.

We exist to make medical traveling and having your treatment or surgery abroad much easier, more pleasant, and as trustworthy as having surgery in your local clinic.

By booking your medical journey abroad through a leading cosmetic surgery company like Cosmetica Travel, that provides multiple choices to customize your stay by offering a wide range of the most trustworthy clinics in Tunisia and highly-skilled surgeons, You can be sure that your physiology, required procedures and desired results are as perfectly matched as possible to your cosmetic surgeon’s skills and your chosen clinic.

All specialized cosmetic surgeons in every clinic are highly experienced professionals in their own fields of medicine and carry on their back years if not decades of clinical and research work. We choose to work with the best surgeons because we think our patients deserve the best. Every medical or surgery case is studied and reviewed individually.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator color=”white”][vc_column_text]

Our specialists in cosmetic surgery:

  • DR Karim YACOUB
  • DR Walid BALTI
  • DR Taher DJEMAL


Our specialists in aesthetic medicine:

  • DR Jihen BACCAR


Our specialists in dental surgery:

  • DR Mohamed LAKHOUA 


Our specialists in general and bariatric surgery:

  • DR Zoubeir BEN SAFTA
  • DR Slah CHAARI
  • DR Sofiene AYADI 


Our specialist in gynecological surgery:

  • DR Chakib MOUELHI


Our specialist in hair surgery:

  • DR Fares SEFFEN


Our specialist in ophthalmology:



Plastic surgeons and formal care system in Tunisia

Cosmetic and medical tourism is teamwork composed of several professionals. Each one has their own specialization and field of expertise and the right to practice only in the field for which they are accredited by the competent authorities.

The cosmetic surgeon and his medical team only are entitled to perform medical or surgical procedures. They must focus on their area of expertise to ensure optimal medical delivery and the best outcome. That’s why only a well-known medical and cosmetic surgery agency (with a Category A Travel Agency License and accreditation from the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism) is entitled to organize and facilitate your medical journey in Tunisia, to ensure your transfers by car (Airport pick-up and drop-off+Car service to the hospital and back to the hotel as many times as needed), to arrange your hotel reservations at one of the hotels we teamed up with and take care of you during your stay in Tunisia.

Just as it is not the travel agency that will manage the medical and surgical procedures, doctors or surgeons are not allowed to take charge of organising your stay (excluding clinic) or to arrange for your transfers.

If you choose to travel abroad for treatment or cosmetic surgery without being cared for by a well-know and licensed agency, you run the risk of having no recourse in the event of any inconvenience or problem during the medical trip, such as your transport or in case of any other logistical issues during your stay.

Before you book your treatment or surgery abroad, make sure to check the legal status of the organization that offers you a cosmetic surgery stay! The legal status must appear clearly on the website.

Before perfecting their training in the largest European medical universities, all our surgeon partners were initially trained at the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis.

The Faculty of Medicine of Tunis is a Tunisian university, which was founded in 1964. This faculty of medicine is very renowned and has trained many generations of doctors of excellent reputation, both nationally and internationally. Some of them now practice in the USA, France, Italy, Germany, England, or the Gulf countries.

The Tunisian medical degree is aligned with international standards, with a third cycle of medical studies like the French educational system.

In the goal of ensuring complete training for their students, the Tunisian Faculty of Medicine oblige students to do daily hospital internships throughout the second cycle of their studies. These specialized internships are done in many hospitals of Tunis (for some these internships are done in the regional university-hospital centers, distributed all over the country). Thereby, these internships give medical students early hands-on experience in medical field and expertise with a multitude of diverse and varied cases.

As the largest cosmetic surgery agency in Africa and Tunisia, we bring together the advanced training and experience of board-certified plastic surgeons and aestheticians who are committed to all aspects of your appearance, beauty and wellbeing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]