Buttock implant : bum augmentation surgery


What is a buttock augmentation with implants?

Buttock augmentation has become one of the most requested and performed plastic procedures worldwide. With the advent of butt implants, an exceeding number of celebrities have opted for the procedure; therefore contributing to the definition of female (and even male) beauty standards through their curvy, round, and big buttocks. Having become a token of sex appeal and seduction, the Jennifer Lopez derriere is unachievable despite strenuous hours of squatting; one sole possible way to get it is through the surgical intervention of buttock implantation.

Butt augmentation with implants is a bum plastic procedure that corrects flat, saggy, and/or disproportionate buttocks caused by genetics, massive weight-loss, or bariatric surgery. The procedure contours the body by adding volume to the buttocks through butt implant placement.

Best candidates for butt implant surgery

Healthy and non-smoking individuals who wish to enlarge and shape their buttocks are excellent candidates for the procedure. Candidates for buttock implantation are generally thin in shape and do not have many fatty tissues to be considered for a buttock lipofilling or a Brazilian bum lift. Therefore, bum implant presents the ideal solution to get that hourglass effect. Besides, the patient might not have much extra skin and should set realistic expectations for them.

Buttock implants cost in Tunisia:

The cost of buttock implants in Tunisia is 70% lesser than in the United Kingdom.

OperationsOur priceUK priceMaking you save
Buttock implants -deposit should be paid- £ 3000£ 828665 %

The average pricing in the United Kingdom is £ 8286; solely including anaesthesia, operating room facilities, and surgeon’s fees.

The cost of buttock implants in Tunisia is £ 3000: all-inclusive with a recovery stay at a five-star hotel, a chance to explore our exotic Tunisia, and a dedicated assistance team by your side.

It is all the same important to note that the low pricing is due to the cheaper cost of living, the currency exchange rate, tax laws, and lower insurance cost payment on the part of Tunisian doctors.

Butt implants: How are designed?

Butt implants, also known as gluteal implants, come in a variety of sizes and shapes (elliptical or round). Which bum implant to use during buttock augmentation depends on the patient’s body morphology and their desired outcome.

Gluteal implants consist of a cohesive silicone gel, which feels as natural as buttock gluteal muscles. The gel is solid enough to endure daily physical uses of the buttocks such as sitting, walking, and exercising.

How is buttock augmentation with implants performed?

Before bum augmentation surgery:

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will evaluate the patient’s general health status by conducting a complete medical check-up, a blood test, and other examinations. The surgeon will also examine the patient’s gluteal muscles, skin slackening, and skin quality. After examination, the surgeon will help their patient decide on the implant to use during buttock enhancement surgery. The decision will be based on the patient’s desired buttock shape and size, and their body morphology. It is also important that the surgeon discusses with the patient their motivations and expectations, and inform them of possible risks and complications to the surgery.

During butt enhancement surgery:

The butt implants procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts for two to three hours.

The surgeon starts by creating cuts in the creases of the buttocks. The length and location of incisions vary according to the implant size and shape, and the patient’s buttock morphology. Once the cut is made, the surgeon will proceed with the insertion of butt implants either in the muscle or above the gluteal muscle. Implant positioning once again depends on the implant size and shape, and the patient’s buttock morphology. Finally, the surgeon sutures the incisions with skin adhesive or surgical tape and places a bandage on the newly shaped buttocks.

Scars after buttock implantation are barely noticeable as they are concealed within buttock creases.

Post-operative effects & recovery after buttock implantation surgery:

Swelling and bruising are quite expected after butt implants surgery, adapt to their new environment. Post-surgical swelling will resolve after a few weeks with the placement of ice packs over said areas. Buttock augmentation with implants is a slightly painful procedure. For this, the surgeon will prescribe painkillers to alleviate any pain or discomfort. The patient is strictly forbidden to sit on the buttocks for two weeks after the procedure or perform physical activities for two months.  The patient should also take two weeks off after surgery to facilitate quicker and proper healing.

Results of buttock augmentation surgery:

The results of buttock augmentation through implants are immediately visible as buttocks are rendered rounder, bigger, curvier, and in proportion with the rest of the body. Despite that, final results can only be appreciated after bruising and swelling completely fade out. Results of buttock implantation are permanent, but the patient has to be careful of weight fluctuations and adopt a healthy lifestyle (dieting and exercising) to maintain buttock implant results.

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