Liposuction : plastic surgery to suck out excess fat


What is liposuction?

Liposuction is the world’s first cosmetic surgery. It consists of removing the rebellious fats to refine the body silhouette.

This technique is often the most effective option for getting rid of excess fat that does not go away with a conventional diet. It allows a remodelling of the silhouette by sucking the fat deposits.

In men, the fat deposits are located most often in the abdomen, love handles, breasts, and neck, while in women, fat reserves are more on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and knees. All these areas can be treated by lipoaspiration.

If this liposuction operation makes the body lines more harmonious, it is by no means a treatment for obesity. Liposuction can complete a diet but can’t substitute it. To undergo liposuction surgery, surgeons require that the candidate must be in his ideal weight.

How much is liposuction in Tunisia?

Having liposuction in Tunisia has lots of cost benefits and it provides you with the same medical quality of that in the United Kingdom. Patients should take into account that the cost of the surgery, associated with a recovery stay in a 5-star hotel, is cheaper than the price of the sole procedure in the UK. They will also have the opportunity to travel to an exotic country that is a well-ranked tourist attraction, enjoy the services of a highly experienced medical staff, and discover a new place while recovering. All plastic surgery costs are very affordable, considering that they will only constitute a fraction of the cost of the surgical procedure alone in the UK.

OperationsOur priceUK priceMaking you save
Liposuction 2 areas £ 1780£ 442162 %
Liposuction 3 areas £ 2000£ 542965 %
Liposuction 4 areas or more cost£ 2090£ 603067 %

The liposuction cost in Tunisia mentioned above include hospital or surgical facility costs, surgeons’ and the anaesthetist’s fees, all ground transfers (airport, hotel, clinic…) and your recovery stay at a 5-star hotel on full board basis.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Liposuction in Tunisia

OperationsAnaestheticProcedure TimeHospital StayStay In TunisiaBack To WorkAll Inclusive Price
Liposuction 2 areas General0:30 hour(s)1 night(s)4 night(s)5-7 day(s)1780 €
Liposuction 3 areas General0:30-1:30 hour(s)1 night(s)4 night(s)5-7 day(s)2000 €
Liposuction 4 areas or more General2 hour(s)2 night(s)5 night(s)7-10 day(s)2090 €

How is a liposuction performed?

Liposuction surgery is usually carried out as an outpatient procedure. You can be recommended to stay overnight in the clinic if your surgeon sees it appropriate. It is performed under local or general anaesthesia, depending on the number of areas to treat. It may take several hours to operate if you have a considerable amount of fat to remove. First, the surgeon will mark lines on the parts of your body that will receive liposuction surgery.

The liposuction surgery is done via small invisible incisions. The plastic surgeon will insert a thin hollow tube, known as a cannula, through a tiny incision (1 to 2 mm), under the skin, in the fat deposit, the cannula is used in a controlled back and forth motion to heat up fat cells and help liquefaction. A surgical vacuum or a large syringe is attached to the cannula to suction the liquefied fat out of the body.

Scars related to a liposuction

As in any surgery with incision, liposuction scars tend to remain on the skin after liposuction. However, since the incisions of this surgery are small, scars due to liposuction are usually minimal. The degree of the scars depends on the patient’s genetic scarring tendency and on the surgeon’s suturing technique.

There are two types of scars: A true scar and another known as dyschromia which is characterized by dark or light spots (hyper-pigmented or hypo-pigmented). They also tend to fade away over time and medication is given to help reduce their visibility.

The post-operative stage of a liposuction

You are likely to feel pain and notice some swelling and bruises after liposuction surgery. You will be prescribed pain medication and antibiotics to help reduce the risks of infection. You may need to wear compression garments for about a month after the surgery in order to minimize swelling. Some contour irregularities might be noticed as the extra fat is taking time to settle in its normal position. You can start to see some results once the swelling disappears. This may take up to six months.

Recovery will generally take about 2 weeks. Our medical staff will help you through the process. After the surgery, they will proceed to your check-out from the clinic and will drive you to the hotel where they will make sure you have the optimum recovery while enjoying what Tunisia can offer to its guests while staying at a 5-star hotel.  After some weeks, you should be able to resume all sports and activities that you usually practice.

The results of a liposuction

After your liposuction surgery, you will notice a fitter body with slimmer contours. If you want to lose weight, it is a good time to start a diet and exercise plan to get the body that you always wanted. Your new look will change the way you perceive yourself and the way people perceive you.

After liposuction surgery is performed, fat cells are removed permanently. They will not regenerate. That’s why it is usually recommended to wait until your weight is stable to undertake a lipoplasty. Results are better noticed with young and more flexible and firmer skin. When liposuction is performed, skin loosens. Please notice that other types of plastic surgery are capable of removing excess skin, as liposuction will only treat the excess of fat.

Advice before and after a liposuction

Before liposuction surgery

It’s advisable to:

  • Lose weight before undergoing liposuction surgery to allow the surgeon to tackle the deepest fat.
  • Stop smoking at least 15 days before a liposuction surgery.
  • Inform your surgeon well in advance of any treatment you are already taking.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatories or anticoagulants.
  • Stop drinking any alcoholic beverage at least one week before the liposuction surgery and one week after the intervention.
  • Provide loose and comfortable clothing and flat shoes.


After liposuction surgery

It’s advisable to:

  • Respect the recovery period recommended by the surgeon. Its duration depends on the amount of fat that has been removed and the nature of your job.
  • Wait at least three weeks to gradually resume sports activities.
  • Avoid exposing treated areas to sunlight or UV for at least three weeks.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your surgeon all possible questions about postoperative care, how to take care of the operated areas and the resulting scars, how to take medications to accelerate the healing process, and reduce the risk of infection.


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Liposuction photos before after

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