Bum lift : buttocks lifting plastic surgery


What is a butt lift surgery?

A buttock lift, also known as a butt lift or bum lift, is a cosmetic surgery that aims to improve buttocks’ appearance. It may be performed as part of a belt lipectomy or lower body lift to contour the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and groin. Buttock surgery is sometimes combined with other augmentation and body contouring procedures to alter the shape and/or size of the buttocks using butt implants or bum fat grafts.

Good candidates for bum lift surgery

Good candidates for butt surgery are people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have had their weight relatively stable for at least six to twelve months. People with normal weight seeking a dramatic improvement in the lower body appearance are also excellent candidates for the procedure. More importantly, patients should be in good overall health in order to undergo a bum lift surgery. They should also set realistic expectations for themselves, and be aware of possible risks and complications.

Butt lift surgery cost in Tunisia:

The cost of buttock-lift surgery in Tunisia is 70% lesser than in the United Kingdom.

OperationsOur priceUK priceMaking you save
Buttock uplift £ 2520£ 691465 %

The average pricing in the United Kingdom is £ 6914; solely including anesthesia, operating room facilities, and surgeon’s fees.

The cost of buttock-lift surgery in Tunisia is £ 2520; all-inclusive with a recovery stay at a five-star hotel, a chance to explore our exotic Tunisia, and a dedicated assistance team by your side.

It is all the same important to note that the lower pricing is due to the cheaper cost of living, the currency exchange rate, tax laws, and lower insurance cost payment on the part of Tunisian doctors

Buttock lift in Tunisia

OperationsAnaestheticProcedure TimeHospital StayStay In TunisiaBack To WorkAll Inclusive Price
Buttock uplift General1:30-2 hour(s)2 night(s)5 night(s)10-14 day(s)2520 €

How is buttock lift surgery performed?

Before butt lift:

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will examine and measure the patient’s body, review their medical history, do a physical exam, and take photographs for medical records. The surgeon will also discuss the patient’s options and understanding of all surgery aspects, recommend a course of treatment, and inform the patient of likely outcomes of Butt lift surgery and any risks or potential complications.

During bum lift surgery:

Buttock lift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The length of the procedure varies, but it typically lasts from two to five hours.

The surgeon makes an incision along the lower back, extending from hip to hip. The excess skin underlying the incision is pulled up, lifting the buttocks in the process. The surgeon later proceeds to remove any extra fat and/or skin. During the procedure, the patient will be given an antibiotic to reduce the risk of infections. Liposuction may be conjoined to buttock-lift surgery for further contouring of the buttock or thigh area. The surgeon concludes the procedure by suturing the incisions with resorbable stitches and has the patient wear a compression garment or a girdle that works on reducing swelling and tightening the skin.

Scars & complications related to buttocks lift surgery:

The incision scar for a butt lift surgery is usually hidden with clothing. Yet, the patient may need to use hydrating creams to reduce their prominence. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate drugs if operated areas continue to be painful, tender, or red for an extended period of time. If liposuction is involved, the patient will have smaller unnoticeable scars that will fade away after a few weeks. Butt surgeries are generally quite safe in nature but some complications may occur. There is a chance that the butt might look bumpy, at first, but will later heal. There is also the risk of minor infections, which can be treated with antibiotics. The patient may also feel minor discomfort that can be reduced by massages.

Postoperative effects and recovery after buttock-lift surgery

First, the patient will be assisted to walk as early as the first day after a butt lift to prevent blood clots from forming. The patient is likely to feel moderate pain which intravenous pain medication will initially control. In addition, the patient will be shown how to empty and care for the drains as they might be left in place for several weeks after the surgery. The patient might also need to keep taking antibiotics and some medications prescribed by the doctor. After a few days, the patient will start wearing a supportive garment for several weeks to support healing. For the first months following a buttock lift, the patient will need to be cautious when they are moving. They can slowly increase activity level step by step and avoid certain positions – which strain the incision line – in order to prevent the reopening of the wound.

Results of plastic butt lift surgery:

A buttock lift will provide the patient with a more toned, contoured, and proportionate overall look thanks to the removal of excess fat and skin from the buttock and thigh area. The results are usually long-lasting. However, it is noteworthy to maintain a relatively stable weight as that is crucial for retaining immaculate results of the improved buttocks appearance.

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