Bump on the nose

How to get rid of a bump on the nose

The bump on the nose is often a source of low self-esteem in both men and women. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, there are now several solutions to remove this ugly bump and find a more harmonious face.

What causes a bump on the nose?

Removing an ugly bump on the nose is a dream for many men and women. Since the mid-20th century, rhinoplasty has been a practical solution for finding a harmonious line of the nasal bridge.

To better understand the issues of the intervention, we must understand what causes the bump. The nose is composed of a bone structure in its upper part and cartilage in its lower part.

The bump is formed in the bone structure and causes this ugly form as a result of natural kyphosis or shock. Sometimes a prominent bump can cause breathing difficulties.

How to remove a bump on the nose?

There are several techniques and methods today to fade a bump on the nose in order to harmonize facial features.

Remove a bump on the nose without surgery

The least expensive and least invasive method of removing bumps on the nose is the injection of hyaluronic acid (macrolane injection).

This technique is performed in half an hour and allows the specialist to remodel the nose with a chemical substance (hyaluronic acid) perfectly tolerated by the body.

In addition, it is possible to go to work once the procedure is completed, because the results are immediately visible and there is no trace of bruising or swelling.

The disadvantage of this solution for removing the bump without surgery is its durability. Indeed, after about a year, the hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body and the bump reappears. It is a solution for those who are afraid of the scalpel, or who wish to have a preview of the result before a definitive intervention.

Remove the bump on the nose via traditional method

The technique traditionally practiced to remove a lump from the nose is osteotomy. Clearly, this procedure involves planning the nose bone until the desired profile is obtained. It can also be helpful to reduce the bone base to refine the profile.

To lessen or even prevent visible scars, the instruments are most often inserted through incisions inside the nose or on the base of the nostrils. To prevent the cartilage that rests on the bone from collapsing, it is sometimes useful to set up cartilage grafts.

Ultrasound technique to remove a lump on the nose

The ultrasound technique is an alternative to the traditional technique. The micro-abrasion caused by the ultrasonic movements is less traumatic.

The price of a rhinoplasty to remove a lump on the nose

Depending on the complexity of the intervention, a rhinoplasty in Europe to correct a lump varies from 2500 euros to more than 5000 euros depending on the complexity of the intervention. With Cosmetica Travel, you can take advantage of our very affordable prices for a rhinoplasty that vary between 1790 euros and 2000 euros.