Beautiful buttocks

Cosmetic surgery to have beautiful buttocks: the possible options

Sexy and well-drawn buttocks are many women dream. Cosmetic surgery offers solutions to achieve this dream. Whatever the surgery chosen, a good medical advice and an experienced surgeon are always essential.

Cosmetic surgery to have beautiful buttocks: Buttocks implants

More and more women want to have Brazilian buttocks, a result that can be achieved by a buttock augmentation surgery by buttocks implants. This method has undergone a notable development in recent years making this intervention among the most popular cosmetic surgeries internationally.

The butt implant is inserted into the upper part of the buttocks via an incision. This technique has the advantage of limiting the risk of rejection which is the only risk that can be associated with this intervention.

However, there are several possible complications such as implant rupture, skin injury due to an implant that is not positioned correctly, etc.

Therefore, it is wise to use the services of a highly skilled and experienced surgeon.

During the postoperative phase, the patient may experience sometimes severe pain. Taking analgesic is recommended to relieve them. Sitting is prohibited for 24 hours after buttock surgery. The patient will not be able to lie down while lying on his back for a week and sport is forbidden for a month.

Cosmetic surgery to have sexy buttocks: buttocks lipofilling

Buttocks lipofilling is another method to give a more bouncy appearance and a perfect contour to the buttocks. This is a fat injection procedure that is taken from another area of ​​the patient’s body itself.

Often, the fat is extracted by liposuction in the abdomen, flank or thighs.


It should be noted that lipofilling has certain limitations. First, the volume obtained is conditioned by the fat mass available. Then, after the intervention, there is a systematic resorption which leads to a reduction that can reach 40%.

Compared to butt implants, buttocks lipofilling has more advantages since the risks and complications are totally absent, there are no scars, the result is natural and harmonious, etc. This is probably the most promising intervention in the buttock augmentation field.

Cosmetic surgery to have perfect buttocks: Macrolane injections

Hyaluronic acid is a chemical substance that is widely used in aesthetic medicine. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and lasts approximately one hour.

This method has several advantages: the results are observed immediately after the operation and the injection can be done both on the lower part and on the upper part of the buttocks.

Don’t sit or lie on your back for a few days to avoid possible complications. In addition, a second injection may be necessary a few months later.

Cosmetic surgery to have well-drawn buttocks: buttocks lift

The buttocks lift is a cosmetic surgery which consists of removing the excess skin to give a better resistance to the buttocks. This procedure is generally recommended in women who wish to lose buttocks.

It is done under general anaesthesia and performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. A butt lift lasts 1 to 2 hours depending on the importance of the surgery to be performed.